The Lacandon Maya who live in Naha, Metzabok and Lacanja Chansayab in the Selva Maya in Chiapas, in Southeastern Mexico, are not only the custodians of the last remnants of lush forests in the region but also the heirs of the most vibrant and deep rooted traditions of the ancient Maya civilization. They lived undisturbed in the depths of the jungle for centuries and started having contacts with the outside lifestyle, religion and belief system have been extensively documented by anthropologists but their lives are constantly changing due to outside influences they try to cope with in these times of globalized economiesand ecological crisis... 

This is the first website written by the Lacandon of Naha for the general public and for anyone interested in knowing more about their culture and traditions as well as visiting them in their villages to lern more about the Lacandon Maya and about the natural beauty of the place they call home. Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists is highly involved with several members in these communities to develop fascinating natural and cultural travel opportunities for discerning travelers, but also to actively participate with the Lacandond Maya in conservation, education and sharing their culture with you... Read more


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