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The Mirador Rio Azul National Park, in the Peten region in Northern Guatemala, comprises an area of 541mi2 or 1,400km2. The park contains some of the most fascinating remains of the ancient Maya civilization. El Mirador is currently being excavated by the Mirador Basin project, focusing on the mid to late Pre Classic periods, from 600 BC to 250 AD. The Classic site of Rio Azul, at the other end of the park, attests to the Maya’s long occupation of this territory... the Institute of Anthropology and History (IDAEH) is the government authority in charge of protecting the archaeological treasures in the park while the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) manages the park’s natural heritage. The abundance and antiquity of these structures, surrounded by a pristine jungle, represent a great opportunity for Guatemala, for tourism and for the development of its surrounding forest societies of Carmelita & Uaxactun... Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists is highly involved in this fantastic park, providing first class archaeological and cultural travel opportunities for discerning travelers, but also actively participating in the Mirador Rio Azul National park’s conservation. We’d love to tell you what you may do to help us preserve this park for future generations...

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